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About Us

Triangle Eye Physicians, PA has been serving the Raleigh, NC area since 1991. Our board-certified ophthalmologists (Eye MDs) diagnose and treat a wide range of eye diseases.  Our sub-specialties include:

  • Refractive Surgery (Lasik)
  • Cataract
  • Corneal Disease
  • Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Glaucoma

Our goal is to combine the best of care with compassion.

At Triangle Eye Physicians, PA, we know how important your vision is in the overall day-to-day functions of your life. This is why we provide board-certified ophthalmologists who are specialized and trained to detect and treat vision disorders such as dry eye, Blepharitis, corneal dystrophies, cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinal disease, and more.

Why choose Triangle Eye Physicians?

One trip to Triangle Eye Physicians, PA will help you realize why we have been in business for over two decades.

Dr. Smith and her team of ophthalmologists and Lasik eye surgeons provide COMPLETE vision care for a wide range of services ranging from screening eye exams to eye surgery such as laser vision correction (Lasik and PRK), eyelid surgery and cataract eye surgery.

We provide second opinions and consults for other physicians because they trust us to tell the patient what we would do for ourselves and our families. And, having been in Raleigh for so long, we know whom you should see if you need sub-specialty care.

If you have been experiencing problems related to your vision, and you are questioning whether or not you need eye surgery such as Lasik, then you first need to consider what type of eye doctor you need to see.

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