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Testimonial: Trevor H.

Travor HussemanWhy PRK

I had a friend that had the surgery and she said it was the greatest choice she had ever made. Glasses and contacts are great aids in helping to correct vision, but sometimes they can be a little tough to manage. They can get lost, broken, and what happens when you can’t get backups on vacation? PRK made all of these fears disappear.

“I wake up every morning and can see. It is as simple as that.”

Why Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith is a professional. From her diagnosis through treatment, she takes all tasks seriously and ensures all steps and results are perfect before moving forward. During the operation, her explanations of the procedure put me at ease. The surgery itself was painless, efficient, and Dr. Smith was there to help me feel calm and relaxed.

After Effects

After the surgery, Dr. Smith’s regimented care helped me recover as quick and easy as possible. There were no side effects and recovery time went just as predicted. Every day I wake up and appreciate the simple ability of seeing the world around me.

Trevor H.

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Testimonial: Trevor H.

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