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Roxy the Web Girl Reviews Triangle Eye Physicians

Triangle Eye Reviews“I decided that I would start 2014 with ‘New Eyes’ thanks to LASIK.”

For over 10 years I’ve struggled with contacts/glasses. In high school I was in denial that I needed glasses and in college my photography professor forced me to give in after all my prints were coming back out of focus (yes, this was film photography.. remember that?). I hated how I looked with glasses and even though contacts irritated my eyes I struggled through them. I’ve always carried eye drops since contacts dried out my eyes and I tend to rush home after work/activities so I can take the contacts out and let my eyes ‘breathe’. Click to Read Full Article

Additional Triangle Eye Reviews

“Nothing But Great!”

My experience with Dr. Smith has been nothing but great! They are warm and welcoming, and the personal touches have been drawing me in to return for further services. – Susie D.

“Couldn’t Be Happier.”

I was more than satisfied with the treatment and service I received. No unwelcome surprises, things went as predicted. I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Patricia Smith performed wonderfully! – William P.

“Excited Beyond Words”

Excellent care. Dr. Smith and staff are the best! I wore eye glasses for over 60 years and now only need them for reading! – Cassie E.

“I Love This Office!”

They listen to your concerns and I have always felt like I was valued and not just the ‘next appointment’. – Nancy M.

“Positive and Productive Experience”

I always appreciate the highly professional, yet open and friendly atmosphere that I experience at Dr. Smith’s and her staff. Of course the right on and correct diagnosis is certainly a plus that compliments a positive and productive experience by someone who genuinely cares for her patients. I have numerous choices for the same type treatment a lot closer to home and have used some of them in the past. However, I feel the extra special care I receive at Triangle Eye Physicians is worth the extra travel time and expense. – Annie S.

“Everyone was Very Professional”

They took their time explaining what they were going to do during the exam. They explained in detail between LASIK and prk so I could make the best decision. They answered my questions to my satisfaction. They did not try to hard sale me on having the procedure. – Laura T.

“Everyone Took Great Care of Me”

The care was great and Dr. Smith is fabulous. Everyone in the office took great care of me. – Florence B.

“First MD to Find a Problem I May Have Had For Decades”

Dr. Smith did a great job of analyzing the shape of my eyes. She is he first MD to find a problem I may have had for decades. Rather than treat the symptoms she went to the condition of my corneas. I feel very fortunate to have a son in law who recognized her good services and recommended that I see her. – Dale M.

“Enjoying Waking Up in the Morning with Clear Vision”

No surprises. Everything they told me would happen did. I am enjoying waking up in the morning with clear vision. I would do it all again. – Laura T.

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