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Dry Eyes

What is dry eye? Could I have it?

Dry eye disease is a disorder of the tear film, which coats the surface of the eye. Dry eyes may be caused by decreased tear production or excessive evaporation of the tears or a combination of the two.

Common symptoms include: burning, tearing, redness, gritty sensation, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, eye fatigue, sensation that there is something in the eye.

View the Dry Eye Prezi video below for more detailed information about dry eye.


Why is the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye important?

Dry eye symptoms have been shown to have a significant impact on quality of vision and quality of life. Uncontrolled dry eye can lead to significant eye discomfort, corneal infection, corneal thinning, and decreased vision.

Why should I come to Triangle Eye for my dry eye evaluation?

Triangle Eye is the only “anterior-segment-only” ophthalmology practice in the Triangle – which means all of our doctors have received subspecialty fellowship training in cornea and external disease. They have a special interest in the treatment of dry eye and have established a DRY EYE CLINIC. Our Dry Eye Clinic is a special clinic focused on the evaluation and treatment of patients with dry eye. You will receive specialized and individualized attention, a thorough evaluation, with a focus on your symptoms and their effect on your quality of life. Your doctors will discuss the mechanisms behind your dry eye and what treatments are specifically recommended for you.

What unique diagnostics and treatments are available at Triangle Eye?

Sjo test: latest diagnostic test for Sjögren’s Syndrome – we are the only Raleigh ophthalmology office to offer this quick, finger-prick blood test for Sjo™ Sjögren’s Syndrome Raleigh
Sjögren’s Syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease that causes white blood cells to attack moisture-producing glands causing dry eye and dry mouth performed in the office.


Lid spa treatments with Pelleve at an affordable cost ($150 per treatment at Triangle Eye, compared with Lipiflow treatments which may run at least $750 per treatment) and eyelid scrubs performed by our doctors.

Cliradex towelettes to cleanse the eyelids, lashes, and skin around the eyes. We sell Cliradex for $35 a box, which is cheaper than buying on Amazon or Cliradex in Raleighat competing ophthalmology practices in Raleigh.



Punctual occlusion options with temporary dissolvable plugs, permanent silicone plugs, or punctual cauterization

Availability of Serum tears: production of serum tears involves taking a sample of your own blood and producing a preservative free tear supplement from the nutrients in your blood.

-Surgical treatment of Conjunctivochalasis in our office suite. Conjunctivochalasis is characterized by redundant folds of the conjunctiva, which is Conjunctivochalasis.jpgoften associated with dry eye disease.




Schedule your dry eye evaluation at Triangle Eye now – we want to help your eyes feel better!

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