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The Real Scoop on LASIK pricing

Whether LASIK is advertised as $299, $599 or some other low price, it is unlikely that you can have the procedure that you want or need for this amount.  As the price gets lower, the restrictions are greater.  That low LASIK price only treats minimal prescriptions.  On average, only 1% of patients fall into that category.  The other 99% of patients pay a price close to market.  The pricing realty is this; you can find bladed LASIK for around $1000 per eye, but the All Laser LASIK  procedures typically range from $1700 per eye to $2500 per eye, depending on location.

Here at Triangle Eye Physicians our prices are transparent.  We offer All Laser LASIK for only $1499 per eye and PRK for $999 per eye.  You will not pay any more or any less for these procedures, regardless of your prescription.  We do not offer bladed LASIK at this facility, and we would be happy to tell you why.

You may be wondering why there is a difference between the costs of LASIK and PRK.  It’s Simply that LASIK costs us more.  Each time we use a laser we incur a charge.  All Laser LASIK requires the use of 2 lasers.  One laser is used to create the flap and the other laser is used to treat the cornea.  Since PRK does not have a flap, it only requires the use of one laser.

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