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Spring Eye Care Tips

Spring is only a few short weeks away! And while warmer weather will be a nice change from the snowy, wintry influx we’ve been having lately, spring also brings its own variety of seasonal issues… especially for your eye health.

Protect your eyes from itching, tearing, and allergies with these spring eye care tips.


Tips for Optimum Spring Eye Health

Keep Contacts Clean
As obvious as this may seem, one of the best ways to keep eyes healthy is to ensure proper use of contact lenses. This entails:

Wearing contacts as directed – Don’t wear your contacts for extended periods. Over time this can damage the eye, causing blepharitis and dry eye disease.

Cleaning your contacts – Follow proper daily care and cleaning guidelines for your lenses. This will prevent redness, soreness and irritation.

Not wearing contacts around water – The FDA strongly recommends that contact lenses should not be worn/exposed to any kind of water, including tap water. This can result in eye infections and irritation and in extreme cases, corneal ulcers, which are a potentially sight-threatening condition.

Wear UV Protected Eyewear
UV rays are harmful to more than just our skin. They can cause serious damage to our eyes too. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygia and photokeratitis.

To protect the eyes from overexposure, it’s best to wear quality UV protected sunglasses. Eyeglass wearers should use transition lenses, clip-on sunglasses or use a prescribed pair of sunglasses.

Prevent Eye Injuries
Not only should you protect your eyes from UV rays, but also from outdoor injuries. Because we tend to spend more time outdoors during the warmer months, it’s also important to wear eye protection when necessary. Sports injuries involving bats, golf clubs, and racquets, or from fast-moving objects like baseballs and golf balls can cause serious eye damage, including sight loss.

In addition to sports, household chores can also harm the eyes. Mowing the lawn or weedeating can cause small projectiles to shoot into the eye, leading to severe eye injuries. Wearing protective googles or even sunglasses can protect the eyes while working outside.

Wash Hands Often
Regularly washing your hands does more than prevent the common cold. It also helps eyes stay healthy during allergy season.

Springtime affects allergies the most, making you more prone to rubbing and itching your eyes. And if you’re rubbing and itching with dirty hands, you’re more likely to get an eye infection. It’s also important to always use clean hands when inserting contact lenses, as dirty contacts can also cause eye irritations and infections.

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