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Questions to Ask Your Raleigh LASIK Surgeon

Are you thinking about undergoing LASIK surgery in Raleigh? Not sure how to go about finding the best surgeon to perform your refractive surgery? Here are some interview questions to help you find the best LASIK surgeon for you and your eyes.

LASIK Surgeon in Raleigh NC

Questions to Ask Your Raleigh LASIK Surgeon

What is your experience?
You want to find a LASIK surgeon who has been performing refractive surgery for more than just a few years. You also want your surgeon to have performed many surgeries, say over 10,000 or so. The more experience the better!

Also check to see if your LASIK surgeon belongs to any professional associations, has any sub-specialties, or holds any teaching appointments. This can be another indicator of LASIK experience.

Have you performed LASIK on family members or other doctors?
Performing LASIK surgery on a loved one or doctor is a great sign of experience and trust. While it’s still ok if your surgeon hasn’t performed laser eye surgery on a loved one or medical professional, having done so is a big plus.

Can I speak with your former patients?
Ask to speak with former LASIK patients to get a better feel for the entire experience. Surgeons generally only provide testimonials for satisfied patients, however speaking to a former patient will give you better insight into the surgery and answer any patient questions you may have.

Do you analyze and publish your surgical outcomes?
Checking a LASIK surgeon’s surgical outcomes can help you decide if a surgeon has enough experience to perform surgery on you. Ultimately, you want someone who has among the best and safest outcomes in peer-reviewed journals throughout the world.

Not only should you ask questions regarding the experience of your LASIK surgeon and practice, but also about the surgery itself. Your LASIK surgeon should be able to answer any and all questions you have about the benefits, procedure, follow-up and more.

Triangle Eye Physicians, PA has been diagnosing and treating eye diseases since 1991. Run by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Patricia W. Smith, Triangle Eye specializes in treating vision orders such as dry eye, Blepharitis, laser vision correction surgery (LASIK & PRK), eyelid surgery and cataract eye surgery.

We’re happy to answer any and all questions regarding our experience, technique, services and patient outcomes with our patients.

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