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Now Offering the Latest Diagnostic Test for Sjögren’s Syndrome!

Sjo LogoWe are excited to announce that we are now offering the latest diagnostic test for Sjögren’s Syndrome, Sjö™, at our Raleigh ophthalmology office! We are the first ophthalmology practice in the Raleigh-Durham area to offer this new test and hope to be able to provide more insight for our patients about the disease.

Sjö™ was developed by Nicox, Inc., an international ophthalmic company, for the early detection of Sjögren’s Syndrome. Sjö™ was first introduced to ophthalmologists in the United States in December 2013.

What is Sjögren’s Syndrome?

Sjögren’s (Show-grins) Syndrome is an autoimmune disease in which the white blood cells attack their moisture-producing glands. The most common symptoms are dry eye and dry mouth, but Sjögren’s also causes severe complications to the gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, lungs, central nervous system and other areas of the body.

There are currently 4 million people living with Sjögren’s Syndrome, however only 1 million of them have been properly diagnosed. This is due to the symptoms of Sjögren’s Syndrome resembling the symptoms of dry eye and Blepharitis.

However now with the latest advanced diagnostic test, Sjö™, we hope to be able to detect the disease in its early stages and provide both symptomatic and supportive treatment.

How Does Sjö™ Work?

Sjo™  Sjögren’s SyndromeSjö™ is an easy and quick test that involves using a blood sample from a finger-prick. The blood sample will be tested using the advanced diagnostic panel, which involves testing not only the Sjögren’s traditional markers but also three novel, proprietary biomarkers for earlier detection.

To learn more about Sjögren’s Syndrome and it’s dry eye symptoms, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith by calling 919-256-2500 or scheduling online.

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