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The Real Scoop on LASIK pricing

Whether LASIK is advertised as $299, $599 or some other low price, it is unlikely that you can have the procedure that you want or need for this amount.  As the price gets lower, the restrictions are greater.  That low LASIK price only treats minimal prescriptions.  On average, only 1% of patients fall into that […]
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The Eye: Its Anatomy and How it Works

Your eyes are one of the most important, yet complex organs of the body. They allow you to visualize the world through color and quickly pass information to the brain to help you process what you’re seeing.
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Spring Eye Care Tips

Spring is only a few short weeks away! And while warmer weather will be a nice change from the snowy, wintry influx we’ve been having lately, spring also brings its own variety of seasonal issues… especially for your eye health.
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Dr. Smith Talks Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery [Video]

Dr. Smith recently participated in a Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA) video for the Lifestyle Healthcare Channel (LHC) on the costs of LASIK eye surgery.
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Corneal Implants May Replace Reading Glasses

Recent advancements in corneal implants may help people suffering from presbyopia - decreasing the need for reading glasses.
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How to Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery

Prepping for LASIK comes in three stages: Weeks Before Surgery, Day Before Surgery, and Day of Surgery.
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